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The Bunny Page

The Bunny Page

The how and why of hazardous bunnies


I know what you're asking yourself. Why does this guy have a bunny page?" The answer is simple, yet complex. Bunnies are cute, and I don't like the word "cute." Furthermore, bunnies can be ver hazardous creatures. Read below for details:

Bunnies are generally known as extremely cute little creatures. Well I'm here to tell you that that is all a coverup. The bunnies are starting a revolution. They look so cute and so people take them home with them or refuse to kill the cute lil critters, so their population increases while we humans slowly kill each other. Once they outnumber us 20 to 1, they will attack. Thousands of rabid rabbits nawing at your ankles. Not very flattering is it? Then lets start an anti-bunny revolution! Well there you have it, my fear of bunnies.