Final Fantasy 7 Script by II Gotthelife II.
Opening FMV: While Zack and Cloud in tube things in basment of shinra mansion (profeser Hojo watching prof. Ghast doing resurch on cloud and zack)Vincent walks in the room ''How could you have done this to lucera!?i will kill you for this''Prof Hojo shoots Vincent Vincent:''urgh..Hojo...''Hojo throws Vincent on table and starts working on him prof ghast leaves..while Hojo is messing with Vincent Cloud puts his finger on glass of the tube and wrights'lets get out of here' Zack wrights'feeding time..thats our chance'Hojo then drags Vincent out of the room

A guy in a grey suit walks in:ok heres your food its feeding time guy unlocks Zacks tube and turns around to prepare food Zack sneeks out of tube and knocks guy out, unlocks Clouds tube and carries Cloud out of town while holding Cloud on his sholder an old man in a pickup comes by''what happened to him?''Zack:he'll be ok but we need to get to Midgar can you take us?'' old man:yeah I'm on my way there now..get in the back'' While traveling...

Zack:"Oh Here!!,put this on,it smells a littlw though...don't look pretty good in that,well...Yo!old guy!we at midgar yet?

old guy:Shaddap!you're lucky i saw you be happy I picked you up

Zack(looking at Cloud:''what're you gonna do once we get to midgar?


Zack:I know what I'm gonna do.I got a place i can crash for,wait...the mother lives there too...guess that's out...


Zack:"yep...gotta change my plans! mater what I do,I need money first.Hey...wanna start a businis?But what could we do?Hey Cloud.Think theres anything I'd be good at?

Cloud:"you?...i thought this was an 'us' thing..."

Zack:"oh,yeah...sorry,Cloud.Hey old guy!...what do you think I'd be good at?

old guy:what are you yappin' about?your still young ain't ya?young folks should try everything!You gotta pay your dues while your young.go out and look for what you really want.

Zack:everythong.....that's easy for him to say..Hey! Of course!I got a lot of brains and skills othe guys don't.that settels it!We're gonna be a mercenary!Yeah thanks pops!

old guy:"Hey...didn't you even hear a word I said?"

Zack:Listen I'm gonna become a mercenary and thats that!boring stuff,dangerous stuff anything for money!We're gonna be rich!What do you think Cloud?

Cloud:"'s worth a try"

old guy:"no you got it all wrong..."

Scean 3..on clif with a view of Midgar:

Zack helps Cloud into a grassary aera and laies him down for a rest behind them are shinra soldiers they shot at Zack,Zack goes over and kills them then walks over and talks to Cloud

Zack:"are you okay now Cloud?"

Cloud:"yeah i think i can walk now.."

Zack:"ok good!"(shinra soldier shoots zack)


Cloud:"NO! ZACK!!"

Soldier comes to shoot zack dead Cloud takes swoard and stabbs him in stomach then kills off other two soliers

Cloud:"Zack...are you okay??"


Cloud:"What are you saying!?We're in this together remember!?"


Cloud casts Cure on Zack 3 times

Zack:"ah..thats a little better"

Cloud:"lets stay the night here till you get better...get some rest Zack"

while Zack is sleeping Cloud searhes the boddies....finds:Midgar keycard,6 X-potions and fire matera

scean 4 in the morning

Zack wakes up

Cloud:"How ya feelin Zack?"

Zack:"Like i've been shot"

Cloud:"...Yeah well thats to be expected when you've been shot"

Zack:"heh...Yeah i guess so Cloud.Hey have you ever heard of a restance groupe called AVALANCHE?"

Cloud:"AVALANCHE!?!?there in Midgar!?"

Zack:"Yeah i heard the hideout is in the Sector 7 Slums in some bar...7th Heaven?I think thats the name."



Cloud:"nothing...let's go"


scean 5 Inside Sector 7

Zack:"Woah this place looks like crap..think its a good place for mercenaries to start out?"

In the shadows are Biggs Wedge and Jessie

Biggs:"Hey your mercenaries?"

Zack and cloud:"yeah"

Wedge:wisper..wisper(to biggs)"Barret said to be looking for mercenaries.."

Biggs:Wisper wisper:"yeah i know...lets take them to see Barret. Jessie go get barret tell him to meet up with us in the train.


Zack:" can we trust them?"

Cloud:"well do we have a choice?"

Zack:"yeah..but we need the money so im goin with it"

Cloud:"me too"

Scean 6 cargo part of train:

Barret:"Jessie told me 'bout you.What are yer names?"



Barret:"so your mercenaries?"


Barret:"awlright I gotta mission for ya.Come with us to the number 7 Reactor"

Cloud:"and then what?"

Barret:"then we blow it up!"

Zack:"....why? nevermind I shouldn't be asking questions"

Barret:"Hey it's okay see the reactors suck up the planets life and we gotta put an end to that!"

Cloud:"okay i get it so were on our way there now?"

trains wheels shreek

Barret:"we there c'mon newcomers!"