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1. Vincent's Ghost/ Soul
A.) This monster supposedly resides in the basement of the Shinra Mansion, Nibelheim. Have Vincent in your party, revisit the basement and there will be a small chance you will fight Vincent's Ghost. Vincent isn't dead so why wouldwe fight his ghost?

Personal Opinion: Funny I fought a glitched Ying Yang after an hour and I could see how someone could confuse it with Vincent except the fact it says they get happy or sad and they dont have a gun... Rude

Status: False (PROVEN)

B.) Get the first 2 chests in the crator then go to Lucrecias Waterfall and you'll fight it (make sure Vincent's on your team.

Personal Opinion: Somebody prove this dumb rumor wrong... Rude

Status: Unproven

2. Rune
Rune is a demi-god who hides in the background when you fight Safer Sephiroth. If you defeat Sephiroth too easily and quickly, Rune will appear to provide a greater challenge. That is the reason Square put Emerald and Ruby into the game. For a greater challenge.

Personal Opninion: How quick we talking? I killed him easy with KOR+W-summon then mimed it so I'd say this is a lie... Rude

Status: False (PROVEN)

3. Jenova*REBIRTH
If you manage to resurrect Aeris, Jenova will send one last monster to destroy you - Jenova*REBIRTH. This is the hardest of the Jenova monsters.


Status: False (PROVEN)

4. Earth/ Brown Weapon
This Weapon is cunningly disguised as a mountain! Walk around each mountain, and you're supposed to find it eventually.

Personal Opinion: No mountain attacked me son sorry... Rude

Status: False (PROVEN)

5. Onyx Weapon
Onyx Weapon is underneath the Midgar Swamp. You must breed a silver chocobo and race it to S class. It can then go underwater. Swim under Midgar Swamp and you'll encounter Onyx Weapon.

Personal Opinion: Once I find a way to get the white one I'll check it out... Rude

Status: Unproven

If you learn the enemy skill beta, and you fight a lot of midgar zolem's and kill them using only beta, the long shadow will change to a small dot. If you run into the dot, onyx weapon will pop out and you can fight him.

Personal Opinion: Well, it sounds better than the silver chocobo method above, but how many Midgar Zoloms is "a lot"? Darius


6. Turqoise Weapon
A.) Apparently someone alleges that the Planet has also unleashed another Weapon, the Turquoise Weapon. Travel around the shores near Costa Del Sol, and you might see a tentacle waving about in the shallow water. Make contact with it, and you'll fight Turqoise Weapon. First off, there is no claw in the water. Second, when you travel up Whilwind Maze, you only see Diamond, Ruby, Emerald, Ultima, and WEAPON weapons start up.

Personal Opinion: Sorry buddy there is no Turqoise weapon I went to the beach on my 15 saves and all my freinds and there is no tentacle... Rude

Status: False (PROVEN)

B.) With the Tiny Bronco go all over and somewhere in the shallow water you'll see a head moving around( like Ruby). Make contact with it and you'll fight Turquoise Weapon( the hardest of them all)!!

Personal Opinion: LMFAO!!! Thats uh... way back in disc one!!!! The weapons weren't released, you are to weak, and only 5 weapons were released... Rude

Status: False (PROVEN)

7. Alpha-Leviathan
  This monster is supposedly a huge beast. Breed a silver chocobo, travel underwater to the crater, and inside you will fight Alpha-Leviathan. Defeat him, and you'll win the Super Nova materia and/or Alpha-Leviathon materia.

Personal Opinion: Just wait til I try the white chocobo rumor then all the silver chocobo related rumors will be proven... Rude

Status: Unproven

8. Ticondo
To fight Ticondo, you must have 99 tissues in your inventory. Fight at the Battle Square in Gold Saucer, and the counter lady will direct you to fight Ticondo. If you win, you will receive a secret materia called 'Gigo'. But be warned, this monster has 5 million HP.

Personal Opinion: 99 eh? It will be a while til I prove this... Rude

Personal Opinion: Tried this, didn't work. Sorry people. Darius

Status: False (PROVEN)

9. Bugenhagen
To fight Bugenhagen, go to Cosmo Canyon and visit the observatory. On your first visit in disk 1, touch the switch leading to the area holding the Huge Materia, and Bugenhagen will say 'Only I can use it'. Continue to use it, and after 20 minutes he will grow angry and fight you. Now, will someone please prove this one wrong? All of my saves are on Disc 2 and 3.

Personal Opinion: This will be proved shortly because I am in Costa Del Sol on my restarted save... Rude

Status: Unproven

10.Fight Knights of the Round
Go to Gold Saucer and look at all the items in the exhibit area near battle arena. Next do the steps that repair the tiny bronco. Fly the plane over to where you get The Knights of The Round Materia. Enter the cave and get the materia(Make sure it is your first time getting the materia in the game. ). Master The Knights Of The Round Materia. Go back to the exhibit in battle arena to find a duplicate of the key that opened up the temple of the ancients. The guy that owns Gold Saucer will talk to you again. He will ask you to fight in the battle arena if you want to keep it. If you make it through all the battles you get it. On the eighth battle you will fight either a goblin, or a cactus. When you get out, the owner will tell you that the battle arena computer was broken, and you weren't matched evenly. He now takes you to a level 9 game, where you fight a cactus or a goblin again, this time with poison, no materia, a broken weapon, broken armor, and no accessory. If you win, your BP will be maxxed out, and you can spend them to get the duplicate Key. Take Cid, Cloud, and RedXll with you back to the cave where you got Knights Of The Round. A man there will tell you that you are not strong enough to fight, and it will be your death. Tell him to go away, and don't ask him more. If you ask more the man will attack you, and steal your items. If you tell him to go away, make sure he is out of the cave before you fight the Knights. He will walk in circles for a while. Now go to the edge of the screen and walk up and down. Cloud will say that he feels something, and slash all around like when he did when he was near Sephiroth. The Cave starts talking to you. Place both the materia and the key where it tells you. It says that you are all evil hearted. The reason for this is Cloud's link to Sephiroth. The knights attacks are strong, but they will only kill Cloud. Your attacks do no good. Report to the broken down Mideel Hospital to find Cloud at level 99, and a potion that changes Jenova cells into human.

Personal Opinion: There is no way to repair the Bronco yet so it is false... Rude

Status: False (PROVEN)

Elena's Thoughts - I like this one it seems like it could be true. Im just not sure if you could get the tiny bronco fixed. - Elena

Tseng's Thoughts - It seems that this could be true I'll try it and get back to you about it. - Tseng

B.) After mastering the KOTR materia, return to the island where it is found to fight them. This has been disproven.

Status: False

11.Saphire Weapon
If u get 99 tissues, 99 Potions, 99 Dio's Autographs, and 99 of the Gambler items you can trade it to the weapons seller to get missile capabilities for the sub. Then go underwater and where the Saphire weapon supposedly fell shoot a missile into the wall then the weapon will come out and u can face him.

Personal Opinion: I'll hafta try this one, I have 99 of each of these items. - Reno

Personal Opinion: Wow, a weapon named after me(by the way who ever put this rumor up mispelled Sapphire) anyway I don't have 99 of all those items... Rude


Okay, defeat Jenova Synthesis, Bizarro Sephiroth, and Safer Sephiroth, and start escaping from the crater. When the battle between Cloud and Final Sephiroth ensues, start to run away. You won't be able to, but keep doing it. Sephiroth will hit you for 1 damage at intervals. Keep running. You have a 1 in 128 chance of escaping when he hits you. When you finally escape, you will be standing outside of Midgar (don't ask me how.) You will have a brief moment of thought and then you will commence the battle with Meteor. Meteor Stats: ----- HP: 9,999,999,999,999 MP: 0 Attacks: Earth Crush (used one minute into the battle, which destroys the planet and ends the game.) Meteorain (as per the limit break) Comet, Comet2 EXP: 1 AP: 0 Gil: Like a big rock would carry gil! Win: Some scars and the praise of billions. Steal: Comet Materia, Space Junk, Moon Rock Morph: Tissue Notes: ------ In a nutshell, you have exactly one minute to kill Meteor before it hits earth, but here's how you can do it. YOU WILL LOSE THIS BATTLE if you don't have a Transform materia in your rotation. You need to cast Mini on Meteor five times. You can insure doing this by casting Haste on yourself. After you hit Meteor five times with Mini the battle will end, and you get 1 EXP and 0 AP. Meteor will get mad and crash down on earth, but it's only the size of a house and lands on Don Corneo's mansion. Go back into midgar using a disabled key item called the "Pogo Stick."

Status: False (PROVEN)

13.Cheese Weapon
Get the wierd chocobo(check chocobo rumor section) Now ride the chocobo out of midgar and ride it to rocket town. (Note that you cannot go on mountains because the Weird Chocobo is afraid of heights.) Run around the rocket ten times and you can enter it. Now you will be prompted: "Where to?" You can answer one: "Disneyland" "West Side" "Party" Choosing Disneyland will take you to Gold Saucer, where all the costumes will be Disney-oriented. West Side takes you to a hidden area in midgar where Barret _really_ grew up. Party will take you to Costa Del Sol, where Cid is having a kegger in the house with everyone else (including the Turks.) BUT YOU WANT TO CHOOSE THE HIDDEN FOURTH OPTION. This will bring up another question: "Are you sure?" Answer "Yes" and you will fly to the moon. When you land you have ten seconds to run into the cheese weapon, who is skipping by just as you land. If you touch him you can fight him. If not, game over. Stats of the Cheese Weapon: ----- HP: 2,000,000,000 MP: 20,000 Attacks: Sharp Cheddar (a physical attack, causes around +8000 damage) Cheese Sneeze (Causes +5000 damage to all plus poison and confu) Cheese Freeze (Ice based, causes +7000 damage to one) Cheese Breeze (Wind based, causes +5000 damage to all) Cheese Degrees (Fire, causes +8000 damage to one) Vitamin Cheese (Heals the Cheese Weapon for 9999 HP) Death by Cheese (Causes 9999 damage to all, used when HP is down to 1,000,000. Can only be blocked by casting shield or barrier beforehand) EXP: 1,000,000 AP: 1,000,000 (like you'd need all that, anyway) Gil: 1,000,000 Win: Cheese Ring Steal: Cheese armlet (If you can equip it during battle, which you really can't, it will absorb all damage taken from the cheese weapon as HP) Morph: Cheese Source (raises stats of all characters to 255) Notes: ----- The Cheese Weapon will summon four Cheeseasaurus Rexes (yes, the ones from the Kraft Cheese and Macaroni commercial.) They can attack you for about 3000 HP each, and can steal items from you (they usually wind up stealing everything you have, but you can steal them back. you win them back at the end of the battle, anyway.) The easiest way to beat the Cheese Weapon (I tested this and it ALWAYS works) is to summon Odin, which will turn him into cheese slices, then summon Titan to turn him into a cheese sandwich. Then summon Typoon to turn the sandwich over. Then summon the Knights of Round to put toppings on the sandwich. They will put on: Ham, Turkey, Salami, Bologna, Mayonnaise, Mustard, Pickles, Olives, Lettuce, Tomato, Peppers, and Onions. Then the big guy at then end (i think it's king arthur) will cut the sandwich in half.

Status: False (PROVEN)