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Ok all, this is Reno. I've decided to write my own little summary of FF9, being that Elena is obviously slacking. I got the game a while ago and I'm only on the first disk still, bit it really rocks! Here are some of my ratings so far on a scale of 1-5:

Characters: I think most of the characters I've encountered so far have been very interesting. I really like Vivi, he just plain rocks! I also like the quality the NPC's have, everyone in town seems more alive.
Rating 4

Graphics: A mixture somewhat of FF7 and FF8 graphics, it works but it's not the greatest. I'll have to update this once I see some summons.
Rating: 3.5

Story: Great story so far, really gives you the medieval feel of the game too. The concept of Dragon Knights and Mages coming back into FF is great.
Rating: 4.5

Overall: I think this is an overall great game with much potential. I don't think it's as good as FF7, but better than FF8
Rating: 4