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The Ranting Reno

Hey, this will be the place where I rant and rave about things that may or may not pertain to video games. Stuff I might read in a gaming magazine, something I saw that was really cool on tv, or just some videos I bought that either really sucked or were so good I had to tell you about them. Keep in mind, this is not news...well in a way it is, but I will put personal oppinions here. I felt like I wasn't connecting very well with all the people that come here, so this is my way of weekly keeping up with you guys. Enjoy! - Reno

Joe Dirt
9-24-01 - Ok, check it out. I went to homecoming Saturday night, and after me and my date left the dance we went out to eat with some friends. After dinner we thought we'd rent some movies. The guy whose house we were going to picked out the movies, and when we got back what followed was chaos. Keep this in mind, all you romantics out there..."Joe Dirt" is not the kind of movie you watch right after homecoming! It was crazy! Not only was it probably the stupidest movie I've seen in a long time, it had some crazy stuff in it! Bestiality, a dogs nuts frozen to a porch, the whole nine yards! Now I enjoy crude sexual humor just as much as the next guy, but this was definitely not a date movie. Anyways, the girls ended up leaving and we guys finished the movie up. Just remember what I "Joe Dirt" far away from your girlfriend unless she likes the crudest humor imagined! Thank you, one and all, for listening to my rants! - Reno