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Reno Has His own RPG site that is in construction right now. He likes Computers, Final Fantasy Games, Going outside, Chatting, And hanging out with friends. He Also Likes Working on Websites.

Rude: July-??

Rude has owned his own Final Fantasy VII site which is only good part were the bio's as they were much more elaborate then most... He was the one who came up with the idea to restart this site, which was shut down, by the original owner Misery Maker. Though he wasn't given the site he still is loyal to it as much as the current owner, Reno.

Vincent: August 99-1st Quarter 00'

Vincent has his own site with his personal rants, opinions, and many other things. He enjoys long walks on the beach, and has an uncontrollable urge to fall asleep. He also loves potato chips and writing fan-fics for this site.

Mizery Maker: ??-??

Here is a tribute to the original owner of the site. Mizery Maker gave this site promise, and also took a brave step in creating the first ever FF7 Rumors site, dedicated to the sole purpose of bringing viewers FF7 rumors. He later handed the site over to Reno.

Elena: August 99-1st Quarter 00'

Elena is actually a guy but for the sake of being the Turks has took on the role of being the lady. He has his own Dragon Ball site he works on. But down to business there is a poem that better describes him.

E is for every time he comes into a room and winks at a girl he gets smacked.

L is for lovely ladies he likes to fondle

E is for enemas cause everyone likes a good enema

N is for never not giving someone he knows a wet willy

A is for um...... A is for Always um being an all around good person, trying to help the rain forest, helping preserve the rainforest, and smacking girls butts!!!!

Neo-Elena: February 99-6th Quarter 00'

Neo-Elena doesn't have her own web-site and she's never worked on one, so she's a little new at this( don't get mad at her if she screws up ). Neo-Elena or Elena2 is also a guy but, like the previous Elena, he had to take the role of being the lady.