This is what I call the Big What If. So far, I have posted ten what ifs, and ten responses. Now I am relying on you, the fans, to send in your own what-ifs, and responses to those already posted at . If you are sending in a response, please include the number of the what if. These are both funny and serious, so you can send in the same. Thank you, now read on.
1. What if Aeris had lived.....I as a gamer would have died after having an anurism. I hate Aeris, and I don't know how much longer I could have stood her.

2. What if Yuffie got away with all the materia.....Barret would have pumped her full of lead until she agreed to give the materia back, or until it rolled back from her cold dead fingers.

3. What if the rocket never made it into space.....Cid would have cried like a little baby girl.

4. What if the Meteor didn't simply suspend in the same place for a virtual eternity....the planet would have been destroyed much earlier.

5. What if the Turks didn't leave at nearly every battle....they'd be dead a lot faster.

6. What if Bugenhagen couldn't levitate.....he couldn't move around as easy that's for sure.

7. What if the monsters realized they were carrying gil....they'd probably all buy some city somewhere and retire.

8. What if the Highwind could "make the jump into lightspeed".....that would just kick-ass.

9.What if the team realized they could have much more fun at Costa del Sol.....they'd drop everything and get there as fast as possible.

10. What if all the characters realized chocobos can be the same hight as the Highwind.....they'd all freak out.