This page has rumors that revolve around secret characters that are supposed to join you on your quest besides Vincent and Yuffie.

1. Boxer
Boxer is a goblin that resides on Goblin Island. There is supposed to be a way to get him to join you. So far, I have not been able to get him to do this much less even find the one that is supposed to join you.

Personal Opinion:I've fought there forever and have not once gotten some goblin named Boxer. Well... who knows maybe It's very very very very rare... Rude

Status: False (PROVEN)

2. Sephiroth
Oh look, another Sephiroth rumor! Below are some ways that people say you can get him to join you.

A. You must find 12 of those 1/35 soldiers in Junon and Sephiroth will appear and join your group. So far I havn't been able to find 12 of these.

Personal Opinion: The way I heard this being done is by running around pressing the circle button... Well I've done that and haven't found one extra 1/35 soldier... Rude

Status: False (PROVEN)

B. There are supposed to be 8 statues of Sephiroth in FF7 and you must find all of these to getSephiroth to join you. You can get one by playing Aeris's theme on the piano in Nibelhiem. I don't know Aeris's theme song on the piano so I do not know if this is true or not.

Personal Opinion: 8, huh? I haven't heard about one yet. This sounds believable but how about finding 1 first instead of eight... Rude

Personal Opinion: Well, if you have to play Aeris' theme to get one of the statues, then it can't be done since you can't play her theme. Tseng

Status: False (PROVEN)

C. Someone has said that there are actually TWO Sephiroths(does this mean double trouble?). One was killed/hurt by Cloud when he threw him in the air and then Sephiroth fell to the bottom of the reactor in Nibelhiem. The other one is the one that summoned meteor. Supposedly, you can get the one that you hurt in Nibelhiem. Heres how: Go to Nibelhiem and there is a 1/50 chance that there will be an ex-Shinra employee there. He will sell you a key to the Jenova room in Nibelhiem's reactor. Inside the room is the Sephiroth that you thought you killed when he stabbed you with his masamune. He will talk to you then join your group. He then leaves when Cloud reaches level 99. Sine my Cloud is at level 99 already, I can not attempt this without starting a new game which I really dont have the time right now. This rumor remains unproven.

Personal Opinion: Sounds kinda convincing... There IS TWO SEPHIROTHS, one (the one Cloud stabbed) is in North Crater the whole game manipulating Cloud, the other is a clone leading cloud to the real one... Rude (well 1/50 chance, well i tried my 1/500 chance try nothing)

Status: False (PROVEN)

D. Another way is to defeat the Midgar Zolem when you are under level 15 and sustain NO wounds. Them go into the mythril mine defeat 50 enemies there while sustaining NO wounds. Continue on to defeat the Turks and still sustain NO wounds. I believe this to be quite impossible. Furthermore, you do not even fight the Turks in mythril mine.

Personal Opinion: Ha Ha Ha... Ha. That is impossible. Well, unless you have a gameshark code that makes the enemy miss every time... Rude (well proven is all i have to say, and a damn waste of time)

Status: False (PROVEN)

E. Sephiroth clone: Get 12, (just 12) 1/35 soldiers, a masamune blade replica, a super sweeper and 2 mythril. Take them to the weapons maker that you usually give mythril to. Talk to him, and he asks you for mythril. Anew option will appear saying "Yes, but we need it." He'll ask what you need it for, and you say to defeat Sephiroth. He then notices the Masamune replica and says he can make it work, so he takes a mythril and the sword and makes you a genuine copy of the Masamune. Then go to the weapons seller in Midgar and show jim the Super Sweeper. He says he could make some armor but needs some mythril. Give him the second mythril and he makes a special armor. Cloud indicates that he can't handle the sword or armor, that they're for someone more powerful. Go to the Lifestream city on the bottom of the map and walk up to the lifestream. Cloud drops the soldiers into the stream, and they combine to make a copy of Sephiroth. He rises out of the water and asks for his sword and armor. Give them to him and he joins your party.

Personal Opinion: Kinda long process but I'm betting it won't work... Rude (nope he didn't give me that option)

Status:False (PROVEN)

F.) Get a 1/45? soldier and a Masamune blade and there you go...

Personal Opinion: Where is this 1/45 soldier?... Rude

Personal Opinion: My guess is that the person who made/heard this rumor wasn't sure if it was a 1/35 or a 1/45 soldier. (I'm saying this because he had a question mark next to "1/45".) If that is the case, then this rumor is false. (I won't put a "False (PROVEN)" there because I could be wrong, but I really doubt it.) Tseng

Status: Unproven

3. Young Cloud

Young Cloud? Why would you want to be Young Cloud? He is level 1 and is just the same as older Cloud except pictures. There are no methods I have heard of regarding this.

Status: Unproven

4. Joe

There is supposedly a way to make Joe, the rider of Teioh at the Gold Saucer, join your party. You also gain his black chocobo too. You are supposed to defeat Joe a number of times and he will join you. I've beaten Joe 'a number of times' but he didn't join me.

Personal Opinion: Too many times have I beat him not a number. Why would you want a jockey fighting, anyway? What good could he do? Now maybe Theioh has a good attack, but Joe... no... Rude

Status: False(PROVEN)

B. Another way to get him is: you must have six chocobos at class S. Go to the Gold Saucer and find Dio in one of the game arenas. He'll start to brag about his champion Chocobo racer Teiho. Go and sign up for a chocobo race and choose the fourth chocobo on your list. You'll race one-on-one with Joe, and, if you beat him, he'll join you.

Personal Opinion: Ok I can't seem to find Dio. So this will remain unproven til I search and research every crevice... Rude (ok no Dio)

Status: False (PROVEN)

5. Zack

A.It has been said you can play as Zack. When Cloud reaches level 99, he will turn into Zack.

Personal Opinion: Another lie. I have repeadately used the EXTRA EXP. gameshark code to try to morph him but from the 100 times I got to level 99 he didn't change... Rude

Status: False (PROVEN)

B.An alternative method of gaining Zack is as follows: When first entering Gongaga (the town with the destroyed Mako reactor), ensure you have Aeris and Tifa in your party. After speaking to Zack's parents, only talk to Aeris and leave for the Gold Saucer. Enter Speed Square and win the masumane replica and a super sweeper. Also clinch a 1/35 soldier from anywhere eg. Junon. Once obtaining these items, speak to the sleeping man in the cave and gain a mythril. Travel to the weapon seller and open the top box to get Aeris' level 4 limit break. Build up Aeris until she can use it. Go back to Gongaga afterwards, and you will discover the reactor has caved in. Equip Cloud with his Buster Sword and proceed to the Mt. Nibel reactor, where you must morph the local boss to get a mega-mythril. Return to the weapon seller and give him the mega-mythril. He will then allow you to open the mega chest. Inside, retrieve the mega-phoenix down. Travel back to Gongaga and have Tifa use it on the monster there. It will stop moving, allowing Tifa to morph it to a soldier head. Journey to the Midgar slums, and encounter a man who'll say, "Yo want weapons?" Give him the soldier head and 1/35 soldier. Return to Gongaga and enter Zack's house, where Tifa will talk. Go to the local reactor and watch. What you actually watch beats me. Anyway, afterwards travel back to the Midgar slums and talk to the man you gave the items to. Enter Aeris' house and look at the new note left behind. Go to the church and will you meet Zack, who'll join your party. Im not too good with Speed Square so I can't prove this. Also, it says you must morph the Materia Keeper in Mt. Nibel. This is not possible since you do not get morph until the Ancient Temple.

Personal Opinion: Well like it says above you can't get morph yet! And no they would not make it to where you NEED to use gameshark to make the code work thats like saying hack my game for your pleasure... Rude

Status: False(PROVEN)

C.In Sectrot 5 Slums in Midgar, near Aeris house a man lives in a pipe. Its said that this sick person is Zack. When you first visit this guy, you notice that he has a tatoo of the number "2". Zack is another one of Hojo's specimens, and was second in command of Sephiroth. Sephiroths number is "1". Well... Im not totally sure that this guy is Zack.

Personal Opinion: If anyone visited the Shinra mansion in Nibelheim after the Lifestream part in Mideel, youd see the Special Cinema. Zack gets shot... alot of times.Vincent

Status: Unproven

In Kalm on the first disc, after Cloud has told the long boring story about Sephiroth and after you get the PHS, leave the town. Head to the little hills near Midgar. One of these hills is where Zack died. Run around on the one closest to Midgar getting in fights, after defeating about the 30th monster, Zack will appear.

Personal Opinion: This sounds way too easy. Vincent

Staus: Unproven

6. Dio

To obtain Dio, win one hundred Special Battles at the Gold Saucer during disk 3. Once achieving this, Dio will appear impressed by your fighting abilities. He will then personally challenge you. Win this fight, and Dio will consider himself in debt with you. He will then become available as a playable character.

Personal Opinion: Sounds good... but who would take the time?... Rude

Personal OpinionL Hmmm... looks like I got a new project. This is going to take all day. Tseng

Status: Unproven

7. Chocobo
Somehow you can get one of those chocobos to join your party. Some people say that there is a secret 'class' of chocobos that only rarely appears when you're out Chocobo hunting. When captured, you know you have such a secret chocobo when it appears to be speaking with its beak. Send it to the Chocobo Farm when captured, and retrieve it. The Chocobo will then be playable. Why would you wan to play as a chocobo? The only move it would have would be chocobuckle.

Personal Opinion: Could be true after all it at least does fight unlike most the rumored people so it might be true... Rude

Status: Unproven

8. Super Sweeper
A.) Some people say that you can get a Super Sweeper (a Shinra robot) as a party member. Win one at the Gold Saucer, head for Rocket Town and Shera will take a look at it. She will then realize she can fix it... and presto. The Super Sweeper can be used as a character.

Personal Opinion: Well this was way to easy to prove... Rude

Status: False (PROVEN)

B.) Get the super sweeper and throw it at a custom sweeper and it will join your team.

Personal Opinion: Another easy one!... Rude

Status: False (PROVEN)

9. Bugenhagen
  It's been suggested Cosmo Canyon elder Bugenhagen is playable. Someone says Aeris must first be resurrected(visit the Aeris's rumors page
here). After she's returned to life, visit Bugenhagen and he will be overjoyed to see Aeris again. The elder will then indicate he's tired of overseeing Cosmo Canyon and will elect joining your party.

Personal Opinion: Well now since Aeris can't be ressurected this is obviously false... Rude (well we have an unproven res process)

Personal Opinion: Aww shucks. Aeris can't be revived... this is false. Tseng

Status: False (PROVEN)

10. Reno
Someone believes Turk member Reno is available for your party. Defeat him in his first and second encounter, and Reno will tire of fighting you. He will offer peace and join you. Beware however, if you injure Reno greatly during the confrontations, he will retreat. I thought the Turks were the bad guys too?

Personal Opinion: Well too bad I fought him about a billion times and yes he retreated... Rude (btw i think throwing weak items at him is weak enough to not injure him too much)

Status: False(PROVEN)

11. Rufus
Someone else says Shinra President Rufus is available. Defeat Rufus in Shinra HQ, and proceed with the game. Later, enter Junon and disguise yourself as a Shinra soldier. As Rufus inspects you during your march, goof up and Rufus will demand your identity. He'll discover you are Cloud, and will confront you again. Engage him, and when Rufus is almost dead, he'll be amazed and offer peace. He'll make himself available as a character.

Personal Opinion: Sorry didn't work my freinds nothing to see here... Rude

Status: False(PROVEN)

12. Holy
Apparently it is possible to get a secret character called "Holy", an angel type character with 80,000 HP and 8,000 MP, with a weapon called "Angel Sabre", who can use any magic or summon materia unlimite times. To get him, you supposedly defeat the Emerald and Ruby weapons and get all of the 1/35 solider, then go to where Aeris is buried, where you will see the white materia. Holy will then break out of it and join your party. Sounds too easy doesn't it?

Personal Opinion: This is false... period... Rude (not proven but it's said to be false, no one knows how many is all 1.35 soldiers might be 12/35/or 99)

Personal Opinion: I'll try it with 12, 35, and 99... won't take long at all. Tseng

Status: False

13. Ryu
Apparently Ryu from Breath of Fire 3 is available as a secret character. Supposedly if, while at the Shinra Mansion on the first CD, you enter in the combination Right 45, Left 16, Right 84, Left 69, you should hear a ``clink´´ for each number. Then, while on the third CD, you go back into Midgar using the sector 5 key and talk to a man in the tunnel near Aeris´s house (they don´t say which). Then go to the weapons dealer in sector 5 and buy 10 of each of his items. He´ll tell you about a boy in Midgar changing into a dragon. Go to the church where you met Aeris and there should be a little red dragon on the roof. Talk to it and choose to say "Hungry?". The dragon will change back into Ryu and join you.

Personal Opinion: This would be almost totally impossible, because not only were FF7 and BoF3 made by different companies (Square and Capcom), but FF7 was released in 1997 and BoF3 in 1998.

Status: False(PROVEN)

14.Karsten the Ninja
If you have Yuffie in your party go to the same forest that you aqquired her in. Here Yuffie and Karsten will fight to see who is the Ultimate Ninja. Karsten is susposed to have an attack that steals all your items( she likes items over materia).

Personal Opinion: I have done this and yes I have ran around forever but nothing that even looked like a ninja was there... Rude


There's been a rumor goin around lately that says you can get the Dolphin that helped you in Junon to join your party. You're suppose to take the submarine down as far as it can go in the crater and bump Emerald. After you defeat Emerald the dolphin pops up and if you give him 99 Elixers he'll join you.

Personal Opinion: Ok i'm sorry but when I killed Emerald weapon I was inspecting the bottom of the crater then it bumped me and I killed it by luck... Rude


16.Sephiroth/ Aeris
Get 450? 1/35 soldiers and give them to the sleeping man and he'll give you a clone of either Sephiroth or Aeris.

Personal Opinion: Sounds like a huge waste of time, but I haven't done it... Rude (this was proven, not by me however)

Personal Opinion: I don't understand why anyone would make up a rumor that requires more than 99 of a given item since you can't get that much. This is false. Tseng

Status: False (PROVEN)

17.J. Juggler
Go to Gold Saucer Wonder Square and use the fortune machine. You need to get a card that says odd things in the future( 1/1000 chance). Leave Battle Square and you'll meet J. Juggler your new party member.

Personal Opinion: Okay I've used the fortune teller twice so far and got that once, but the problem is it says leave Battle Square NOT Wonder Square so if I ever get that again i'll have to go to Battle Square then exit??? Well, we'll see... Rude

Status: Unproven

Not very common this one. Apparantly, if you are nice to Marlene, Barrett and find a man hidden away on the Corel Traintrack, there is a small chance Dyne will join your team. There is also an Action Replay code to get him on your team, but I don't know what it is!

Personal Opinion: Ok why do you get stuf for being nice to everyone other than Tifa?... Rude (I have a man that claims that he tried this many times and it was false, he wishes to remain anonymous however... so this will be false but not witht the proven stamp)


19..Emerald Weapon
Supposedly you can get emerald weapon in your party if you get 6 gold chocobo's and name them all ruby, then race every chocobo 4 times against Teioh, then you have to go down and ram emerald weapon, beat him, and he'll join you.

Personal Opinion: I wonder what this guy was smoking/drinking/otherwise ingesting when he wrote this :P Darius

Personal Opinion: Ummm... no. I can't believe I need to friggin prove this false, argh... Rude

Personal Opinion: Well, I can get 6 gold chocobos with the name of "Ruby" in a few seconds. Racing them against Teioh will be the long part, but I will prove this soon. Tseng ; What a suprise. It didn't work. Tseng

Status: False (PROVEN)