1. Silver Chocobo
A.) The most infamous chocobo rumor is the Silver Chocobo. Feed and breed two S-Class chocobos, and there's a small chance you'll receive the Silver Chocobo. This chocobo is capable of travelling underwater (and in space, depending on who you ask).

Personal Opinion: Out of the 1,000,000 people who own the game they all have gotten a gold chocobo and to do that you need to breed 2 S-class chocobos so the small chance can't be 1/1,000,000, don't forget how many people replayed it... Rude

Status: False(PROVEN)

B.) Breed two gold chocobos with a sahara nut.

Personal Opinion: Didn't work... and this is the same stradegy used for the Red Chocobo... Rude

Status: False(PROVEN)

C.) Mate two maxed out (170 speed)Gold Chocobos (with a speed of 170) with a carob nut, then mate the baby with the one of the maxed out chocobos with a zeio nut. Ensure they are at class S, and the baby chocobo has the same speed as its parents.

Personal Opinion: Wierd enough i havent tried to prove this...

Status: Unproven

2. Rainbow Chocobo
A.) With a white chocobo, travel under the Swamp adjacent the Mythril Mine and you'll engage the Rainbow Chocobo as a boss character. Defeat it, and the Rainbow Chocobo is yours. The question is, how do you get a white chocobo?

Personal Opinion: I'll wait til I know how to get the White one... Rude

Status: Unproven

B.) : If you beat Joe 100 times he will give you a rainbow chocobo as a gift.

Status: Unproven

3. Wooden Chocobo
This rumor is weird. Visit Wutai, steal Yuffie's father's underwear and run into the nearest forest. Inside you will find the Wooden Chocobo. Also it is said to take it to the Chocobo Tracks on that Island.

Personal Opinion: I think not! This sounds so f*cked up but who knows I need to start over to fight him so we'll have to wait unless I get an e-mail... Rude

Status: Unproven

4. Red Chocobo
< Supposedly you mate 2 S-class Gold chocobos with a Saraha nut(or another rumor which is a special nut stolen from snow wolves which is no doubt false). It can supposedly go underwater if you have underwater materia equipped.

Personal Opinion: Tried this numerous times, didn't get anything but more Gold chocobos. - Reno

Personal Opinion: Didn't work for me either... Rude

Status:False (PROVED)

5. The Invisible Chocobo
  This has to be the worst rumour of all. Travel on the World Map, constantly tapping your button as if you were really climbing a chocobo. If you're lucky, you'll accidentally climb on top of the Invisible Chocobo. This one is actualy true. If you dont want to try that long method just pop the PSX lid with a Chocobo right next to you...

Personal Opinion: I caught a chocobo and when I got off it ran away but I was still able to get on a chocobo somehow. I should have taken it to my highwind and put it in my stable there to see the color if there was one... Rude

Status: TRUE

6. Purple Chocobo
The purple chocobo seems to be impossible to get. Go to Chocobo Sage's house and go up to the green Chocobo. Release the Chocobo by smashing the glass and it will run away. Chocobo Sage will chase after it and his purple hat will fall off. Steal it and go back to the Chocobo farm. Give the purple hat to a gold S class Chocobo when you are feeding it sylkis greens. Get the gold chocobo to mate with another gold Chocobo (S class) and make it produce a purple Chocobo, using a zeio nut. This purple Chocobo is extremely amazing. Remember how Teioh's speed and stamina is always higher than yours? This Chocobo's speed and stamina will always be higher than Teioh's at the start of any race.

Personal Opinion: Well since I tried everything I could on the 'the glass' this is false... Rude

Status: False(PROVEN)

7. Grey Chocobo
To get a grey chocobo you must mate a white and black S-class chocobo with a zeio nut. The grey chocobo can go underwater, just like the white chocobo.

Personal Opinion: Maybe thats what all mateing nuts are for maybe we should try all of them. - Tseng

Personal Opinion: Again until I find a way to get the White one this is unproven... Rude

Status: Unproven

8. Emerald Chocobo
First u must get 37 green chocobos and race them to class S(then release them til 37),{mate them 2gether}then when u mate the last 1 with a zeio nut u will get the emerald chocobo.

Personal Opinion: How do you get 37? The limit is six... Rude

Status: False(PROVEN)

B.This is kinda funny that this was posted, cause I have another version of this rumor! You equip everyone's Ultimate weapon and a Wizard Bracelet on everyone. Put a Mastered Choco/Mog summon in every other slot. In the remaining slots put Quadra Magic. If you defeat Emerald using only the Choco/Mog summon, then you can aquire the Emerald Chocobo, capable of going underwater.

Personal Opinion: I think this is the most believable Chocobo rumor I've heard - Reno

Personal Opinion: Yes this does sound believable but also Impossible, w/o GS... Rude


9.Super Blue Chocobo
A.) Mate the red chocobo and a blue maxed out chocobo with a porofu nut,and you will get a darker blue chocobo.This chocobo is supposedly able to go underwater, into the crater, and you can find a hidden item there.

Status: Unproven

B.) mate a maxed out blue chocobo with a white chocobo with a zeio nut.make sure the are on class S.This chocobo can go below where the onix weapon is and lower.You will find a new weapon


10.X Class Chocobo
To get the chocobo class X, you must be chocobo class S 30 times with 6 gold chocobo. Then Ester will congratulate you and say, "I will let you in on a secret." Then she will let you in the staff room where the X class chocobos are, except the rumor also says some of the chocobos have Golden and orange, which has speed over 250 and 400.


11.Orange Chocobo
To get this, win 3,000 races with a upgraded blue chocobo. Then Ester will race against you with a orange chocobo. If you win, she will quit as a manager and the you will be able to get in that room behind her. Inside you will find a dark trophy.If you take this to the weapon seller he will give you a orange chocobo.


B. Another way to get this chocobo. Mate a darker blue chocobo with a red chocobo, and make sure they are at S class and speed over 170. Mate them with a zeio nut. This chocobo is suppse to go through mountains and into secret town sort of like the Red chocobo.It is said that chocobo sage has a brother,and he tells on how to get every single chocobo in the game.Is this true? Unproven

12.White Chocobo
A.) To get the white chocobo,you must mate 2 gold S class,chocobos over 170 speed.Then mate the baby with a green same stats.{4 the first nut use a zeio,4 the second use a carob}then u should get the white chocobo (also there is one that just flips the nuts)

Status: False(PROVEN)

B.)If you breed a blue S class chocobo with an S class gold using a Porov nut you will have a good chance of getting a white chocobo.

Personal Opinion: The Spreader admitted to it... Rude


13.Wierd Chocobo
After beating Meteor(rumor) go to Corneo's mansion to get it...

Status: False(PROVEN)

14.Bizzare Chocobo
After beating Cheese Weapon(rumor) feed the wierd chocobo the Cheese Sandwhich... Feed the sandwich to your Weird Chocobo and it will transform into the Bizarre Chocobo (it has two heads and looks like a peacock.) The Bizarre Chocobo will say "Kraw" instead of "Wark." If it doesn't, Use a hyper on the chocobo and he will spit up the sandwich. Use Life2 on the sandwich and you'll fight the cheese weapon all over again. Refer to above to beat him again. Repeat this until your Bizarre Chocobo says "Kraw!" When it does, you can ride him back to earth (the FMV of this looks like E.T. riding over the moon.)

Status: False(PROVEN)