The rather odd and unsettling dream, exactly as it was sent to grammatical and/or spelling errors were corrected as I am lazy - Reno

I dreamt of the alpha-leviathin rumor. Although it was quite different, what happened was i went to the crater where emmy is when he wasn't there (cuz sadly i haven't beaten him) and my SUB, NOT chocobo, sunk under the crater. I was instantly in a rainbow-colored cave and soon i saw a gigantic red monster coming towards my sub. I crashed into it and fought it and i easily beat it(the actual rumor was different from my dream cuz AL(alpha-leviathin) in my dream was only a little stronger than bizzaro sephiroth and had about 100,000 hp). It was also exremely odd because i had NOT and i mean NOT heard of or seen the rumor before when i had that dream. Also after that i had found a bunch of other underwater caves (in my dream) and there were a bunch of other WEAPONs that were very weak, which look like raguragula from the original Wild Arms game(if you've played it). And after that i had a PURPLE chocobo which could travel underwater(keep in mind i DID NOT hear of ANY of these rumors yet) and had gone underwater in aplace where it was arctis,but not in the northern crater area...oddly enough it was near the swamp near the mythril mine. And guess what i found? That's right, none other than Onix WEAPON. And i SWEAR i had NEVER heard ANY of these rumors. To make it more believable of this fact that i had not heard of them i didn't know the monster's names. Don't you think that that's an extremely freakin' ODD premonition? And when i finally saw all these rumors i was like "HOLY CRAP!!!!!". I think that you will find this story quite odd and hope that you will post it on your site.Thanks for your time.

X__________________ (The name of this fan has been excluded to protect the innocent.)