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Final Fantasy 7 Links

  • FF7 Masters - This site is still under construction but has two fanfics that we use.

  • FF7 Homepage - This site is up and coming its pretty interesting.

  • Daniels FF7 page - Nice site has alittle bit of everything.

  • The Chocobo Range 99 - All things chocobo!

  • Final Fantasy VII Citadel - GREAT layout, this site has lots of great things there!

  • Oh No Not Another Final Fantasy 7 Page - This is a FanFic site has some really good writen ones!
    Final Fantasy 8 Links

  • Final Fantasy Exodus - Outstanding site one of my favorites!

  • Deo's Final Fantasy VIII - Some really great Info on the game I like the layout.

  • Pyro911's Final Fantasy 8 page - Nice site, has many things to look at and download.

  • Jimmy's Final Fantasy 8 page - This site has some very helpfull info for the Final Fantasy 8 lover!
    Final Fantasy Tactics Links

  • Haelen's Final Fantasy Tactics Underground - Nice site has alittle bit of everything.

  • The Realm of Final Fantasy Tactics - Tons of Info. (Personal Fav.) This site has lots of things to looks at.

  • Final Fantasy Tactics - Lots of help for anyone who is lost!

  • Final Fantasy Tactics Info - Some really good Info on the Game.

  • Final Fantasy Tactics Abilities - Like the name said it has the Tactics job abilities and stats.
    Final Fantasy Links in General

  • Final Fantasy Shrine - Has about everything you could want at a Final Fantasy Site, and then some.

  • Final Fantasy Alpha - Has lots of news, I also like the layout.

  • SquareXtreme - This has all Squaresoft games but it has some great Final Fantasy info.

  • hyillip's Final Fantasy PageHas info on all past Final Fantasys.

  • Final Fantasy World - This site is closed but whats there is quality.

  • Arena: Final Fantasy - Great site personal favorite.

  • The Ending - A good site for fan art and stories, along with downloads and other stuff for FF6, 7, 8 and 9!
    Final Fantasy Guides

  • Final Fantasy Online Strategy Guides - Final Fantasy Guides Galore!
    Final Fantasy Forums

  • Final Fantasy: Worlds Apart Forums - Great dicusions here, lots of things to ponder.

  • Final Fantasy Realm Forums - Another great place to read and discus all things Final Fantasy.

  • Final Fantasy Online Forums - One of the top sites of Final Fantasy Chat.

  • Final Fantasy Media Forums - Gotta love a Final Fantasy Multimedia discusion site!

  • Final Fantasy Online Strategy Guides Forums - This one is one of my favorites! I love the discusions!

  • Final Fantasy Forever - This is another great forum!

  • The Final Fantasy Realm - A cool BB starting up, join now!
    Official Sites

  • PlayStation - The system that handles Final Fantasy.

  • Squaresoft - The makers of Final Fantasy.

  • Final Fantasy The Movie - The Final Fantasy movie website.

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