Rumors that cannot be categorized elsewhere are listed here.

1. Watching the 'Loveless' Play
Yes, there is a rumor that says you can watch the 'Loveless' play. Remember the empty chest in the Corel Prison? Apparently there should be a Ticket inside there. Find it, return to the Gold Saucer and visit the theatre. With the ticket, you can then watch the 'Loveless' play.

Personal Opinion:Aw, to dumb to be true... - Reno

Personal Opinion: You can't reach the theatre again, sorry and even if it means the event square there is no ticket... Rude

Status: False (PROVED)

2. 1/35 Soldier Ornaments
It is alleged if you collect twelve 1/35 soldiers and buy the house at Costa Del Sol, you can display these soldiers on a window sill as house ornaments.

Personal Opinion:The point of this would be? - Reno

Personal Opinion: I tried it everywhere in the house... nothing happened... Rude

Status: False (PROVED)

3. 1/35 Soldier Bonus
If you obtain twelve 1/35 soldiers and play the strategy game at Fort Condor, you will receive an extra soldier unit to use.

Personal Opinion:Why would you want ONE extra soldier? - Reno

Personal Opinion:There is no use for these Soldiers people... Rude

Status: False (PROVED)

4. Lara Croft rumor
Someone says that Tomb Raider starlet Lara Croft is obtainable in Final Fantasy VII. He believes in breeding two gold chocobos and improving them to S Class. Once doing so, beat Joe twelve times and he will be replaced by a new rider. Beat the rider three times, and you will receive the item with no name. With Tifa in your party, leave the Gold Saucer and Tifa will talk about the mysterious item. Show her the item, and the screen will go blank. When vision returns, Tifa will transform into Lara Croft.

Personal Opinion:.......... - Reno

Personal Opinion:Self Explanitory... Rude

Status: False (PROVED)

5. Tifa getting Killed
Alot of people say Tifa can be killed by Sephiroth instead of Aeris. Be mean to Tifa, and when Aeris is about to die, Tifa will appear and push Aeris out of Sephiroth's way. Tifa will be hit instead. This is fake since Tifa plays major roles after Aeris death. Using a hex editor, you can see that there are no major roles with Aeris after her death.

Personal Opinion:Aeris pretty much fortold her own death anyways. As they say, out of the mouths of babes... - Reno

Personal Opinion: This is 100% false... Rude

Status: False (PROVED)

6. Aeris' Spirit
Someone believes Aeris' spirit can return in the Midgar church. To stand next to Aeris after her death, you must be as nice to her as possible. Obtain the key to Midgar's Sector 5 and Aeris' spirit will appear in the church. Quickly run up to it, and the spirit will disappear to re-emerge adjacent the two children. You can then be next to her. Some people believe that this might be part of a revival process.

Personal Opinion:You can see her ghost in the Japanese version. - Reno

Personal Opinion: Correction Reno you can see her ghost in the American Version... Rude

Status: TRUE

7. Hentai Ending
Beat Sephiroth fifteen times in different files, and you can watch a hentai sequence between Cloud and Tifa after the credits. Considering the damage Squaresoft will receive over such an ending, I must seriously doubt this rumour.

Personal Opinion:Hehehe, what a riot! - Reno

Personal Opinion:Nuff said... Rude

Status: False (PROVED)

8. Ruby Weapon weakness
Some people believe there is a secret weakness to Ruby Weapon. To kill the Weapon easily, simply use fifty five Phoenix Downs on it. Ruby Weapon will die instantly. Wish it was as easy as that...

Personal Opinion:I haven't tried this one yet, it could work though. - Reno

Personal Opinion:All I can say is... SOMEONE PLEASE FIND IT... excuse me. Then I could beat the thing easy, I only beat it twice... Rude

Status: False

9. Killing Priscilla
To kill Priscilla, you must not save her after killing the flying boss. When doing rescue breathing Priscilla, breathe as little as possible. As soon as you press square, release immediatelly so she will barely get air. After several breath attempts attempts, Priscilla will die. This would alter the course of the game dramatically. As to what extent the alteration makes is unknown.

Personal Opinion:I have heard this is false, but I haven't tried it. - Reno

Personal Opinion: If she is dead how are you gonna get the whistle to use the dolphin? Ya exactly alters the game... whatever I'll try it... Rude

Status: False

10. Limit Break special
If you only use limit breaks to attack enemies, you will see a password at the end of the game allowing you to play as a weapon seller. The game would definitely be interesting if the main character is replaced. Exactly where can a 'Enter Password' screen be found?

Personal OpinionHardly! - Reno

Personal OpinionI could prove this with gameshark but y there is no enter password screen... Rude

Status: False (PROVED)

11. Wonder Square 3D Battler
If you beat all of the opponents in Wonder Square's 3D Battling game, supposedly, the guy standing next to it will challenge you. Since I really suck at that game, anyone care to try?

Personal Opinion:I have asked around everywhere, and no one can beat the 3D Battler. Somebody beat the darn thing! - Reno

Personal Opinion: I got to the fourth guy anybody beat him?

Status: Unproven

12. Ancient City Stones
This one has to do with the little blue stones that you find in the Ancient City. Supposedly, if you get a certain item, you can hear what they all say. Anyone know what that item might be? I have also heard that a if a Level 99 Cloud listens to them all in a certain order, they tell you something...probably another rumor.

Personal Opinion:An Ancient translator? A Psychic Cloud? Someone find out! - Reno

Personal Opinion: Proven wrong thanx to me the level 99 dont work, as for the item???... Rude

Status: Unproven

13.Cloud+Tifa trick
As you know you answer questions through the game, so every question asked that has to deal with your feeling towards Tifa answer approriately ex-when Aeris asked if you are Tifa's boyfreind, answer yes. Keep doing this, and if you do it right when you are on the 2nd cd at the Gold Saucer Tifa will come in your room--- if this happens your doing good. 2nd step--When you go to the event area and you are in the play kiss Tifa. 3rd step--when you are in the ropeway car you can move so you first bend 5 times, look out the window 12 times, then look at your knees 21 times. This has to be done before the first cinema. If you done the above correctly and answered all the questions right, it should go to a lustful screen with cloud and tifa going at it, or doing it.

Personal Opinion: The action scene or FMV would be all over the net if that happen plus you can't do all those that fast... Rude

Status:False (PROVED)

14. New secret ending
Get every character including Vincent and Yuffie at level 99 with master experience. Get every materia mastered, and get everyone's ultamite weappon. Then beat the game and you should get a different ending then usual.

Personal Opinion: You'd be suprised how this just dont work... Rude

Status:False (PROVED)

15. Infinite Money
Go to the clock in Kalm and keep pressing X.

Personal Opinion: To my knowledge this only works in the Japanese version... Rude

Status: False (PROVED)

16."Vincent's Past" FMV
Supposedly you can view a secret FMV of Vincent's past as a Turk. You go down to the Nibelheim Mansion basement with Vincent in your party and look through the coffins again, and you will find a paper. Take it up to the piano in the mansion and a menu will appear asking whether you want to look at the paper or not. Choose yes, and play the notes on the paper, it is Vincent's theme. Vincent will say "So many memories..." and you will see an FMV of his past as a Turk.

Personal Opinion: I'm afraid this does not work cuz there is no paper... Rude

Status: False (PROVED)

its said that if you get all the zodiac stones you'll get a different ending.

Personal Opinion:Well it would help this rumor if there were zodiac stones in the game...Rufus

Personal Opinion: Wrong game, and still that doesn't work in tactics... Rude

Status: False (PROVEN)

18.Secret Gold Saucer Room
Win 100 basket ball games in a row and the lady at the counter will ask you if you are tired. Say yes, and you will wake up in a hidden room with a galaga game in it.


19.Counterfeit Game
Win 10 galaga games in a row and you will have access to this game.


20.Desert Rose's Other Purpose
According to my mate, if you bring the desert rose to Aeris' church when she's there as a ghost, and use it in the inventory, Cloud will say: Aeris... I'll never forget you.

Status: Unproven

21. Aire Tam Storm
Emerald Weapon's Aire Tam Storm attack can be weakened>. This is achieved by minimalising the number of materia equipped. Damage to a character is determined by the amount of materia a character is holding, multiplied by 1111. For example, a character equipped with five materia will receive 5555 hp damage.

Status: TRUE

22. Sequel Rumour
Apparently SCEA (Sony Computer Entertainment America) had planned on creating a FFVII sequel. It would involve the same story, except this time the game would be played from the Shinra's point of view.

Status: Unknown

23. Get Out Of North Cave
In the third disc when you have to fight Sepherioth, I know how to get out! It is very simple, go to where you started at, then go out the door you came from, then climb up the ridge by pressing O, (if you press select it won't have the green arrow)all you have to do is climb up the ridge by pressing O, then you can go back on the Highwind and leave.

Status: TRUE

24. Cheese Weapon and Meteor Items
Cheese Weapon: Win: Cheese Ring Steal: Cheese armlet (If you can equip it during battle, which you really can't, it will absorb all damage taken from the cheese weapon as HP) Morph: Cheese Source (raises stats of all characters to 255) Meteor: Steal: Comet Materia, Space Junk, Moon Rock

Status: False (PROVEN)

25. Cow Breeding?
Give the cheese ring to the guy in Kalm and...Interesting Insert: If you go into the pub at Kalm, you will find the polygon render of Nobuo Uematsu (the ff7 music composer.) He is incredibly drunk and will tell you that he is sick of the prelude and is going to take it out for ff8. Anyway, once you equip the cow lure materia, you can fight cows instead of Chocobos. You can breed them too! Then a new option on Choco Billy's menu is "Milk." When you milk them, they will produce cheese. You have to milk a "Smelly Cow" to get Limburger, milk a "Holy Cow" to get swiss, and milk a "Patriotic Cow" to get american. I heard there's a blue cow that will give you bleu cheese, and an italian cow which will give you Parmesan and Mozzarella cheese. If you go to wall market, you'll find the honeybee inn has been vacated. You can buy the building for 1,000,000 Gil. Then you can open a deli. You can serve sandwiches with your cheese, and in the International version of ff7, you can get the Salmon Materia and have Salmon Cheese, which sells for 10,000 Gil on a sandwich.

Status: False (PROVEN)

26. Third Mystile
At the North Crater go to the point where you split your party down the two paths. Send everyone but Cloud down the RIGHT PATH And tell Cloud to go left. When Cloud's path divides choose the UPPER path. Go down it to the place where all 3 paths combine. DO NOT walk toward the stairway that leads further down. This would cause your friends to appear which will ruin the trick. Now go back up the crater by taking the entrance to the lower path up to where the LEFT and RIGHT Paths split. Now go down the RIGHT path this time. Grab the 2nd MYSTILE. Now go all the way down to the end again this time walking toward the stairs leading down causing your party to appear. When you talk to TIFA she should give you a 3rd MYSTILE!