8-15-00: And the MAN didn't think I would update! Well the MAN is wrong! FFShrine has some great Final Fantasy X pictures that you would all check out. Now this game isn't going to be totally Playonline, though there are some Rumors (he he get it rumors cause we are a rumor site so I put rumors in underlined print he he) where you can get help over it and maybe even trade items though it to. That would be very helpfull. With Final Fantasy XI they are hooking up with a Japanese celular company so that people could play mini games at home so that to build xp for their characters. ( he he those cooky Japanese celular companies ). Anywho there are some great things in the world of Final Fantasy coming so keep a look out! - Elena

Oh! P.S. Final Fantasy IX is still in the top charts over in Japan so you know what this means! When it comes over here all who buy it won't see daylight for a month or three! BYE!!!! - Elena

Hey all, this is Reno. Just thought I'd give a small update on FF X, I will have more soon. Far as I know the game is taking on a more futuristic scenario like FF7 and FF8, and the main character somewhat resembles Squall. - Reno

Ok here is some info----- The main plot/graphics people from FF8 are back working on FF10 Head of Square was the least involved in this game due to the movie GF's are back and when you summon them you take control of them for a short period That is all I can give right now- Reno