1. Tiny Bronco
A.) Someone suggests the Super Sweeper can be used to repair the Tiny Bronco. Enter Junon with Cid in your party, and talk to the inhabitants three times. Speak to the old man adjacent the beach a few times, and Cid will realize he can use the Super Sweeper to fix the Tiny Bronco. Revisit Rocket Town and Cid will repair the vehicle. I thought that the Tiny Bronco disappeared after you got the Highwind?

Personal Opinion:I still don't see why you would want the Bronco anyway. - Reno

Personal Opinion: This is grade A bullshit... Rude

Status: False (PROVED)

B.)Someone suggests the Tiny Bronco can be retrieved in exchange for the Highwind. Have twelve 1/35 Soldiers and a Super Sweeper in Fort Condor's final battle, and talk to the old man within the fort. He will take the items and Highwind for the Tiny Bronco. And yes, the Tiny Bronco will indeed fly, so the rumor says.

Personal Opinion:Leave the Tiny Bronco alone already! - Reno

Personal Opinion:Ok how did the Old man get the plane? Seems false but I haven't tried it... Rude

Status: False

C.)First you need to get the item Super Sweeper from the rollercoaster game in the Gold Saucer. NOTE: YOU MUST DO THIS BEFORE YOU LOSE CLOUD FOR THE LIMITED TIME! Go to Fort Condor, and give the Super Sweeper to the old man there sittin at the table. He will then give you the Tiny Bronco. NOTE: THE TINY BRONCO DOES FLY!!!

Personal Opinion:I don't believe it....Rufus

Personal Opinion:What is up with the old man having the Tiny Bronco???... Rude

Status: Unproven

D.) Getting the Tiny Bronco back- Through all of this you must have Cid in your party. First go to Gold Saucer Speed Square, here win the Super Sweeper. Now go to Lower Junon. Talk to everyone in Lower Junon three times. Upon doing this a man will tell you he's good with machines and that he needs a Super Sweeper. Keep talking to him and Cid will relize that the Super Sweeper can be used to fix the Tiny Bronco. Go back to Rocket Town and Cid will make the repairs.

Status: Unproven

2. Seaplane
It's been rumored a seaplane is available as a vehicle. On a rare occassion, when you're in lower Junon and talking to the elevator guard, he'll ask for your reasons for entering Junon. After the conversation, a battle will shortly ensue and you'll win a key. Proceed to Upper Junon and the underwater reactor. The key will open the reactor's door, allowing you access. Enter the submarine dock, and there will be a door previously non-existant. Inside will be an unnamed item. Retrieve it, and travel to Costa del Sol. Converse with the seaplane owner inside the resort town, and he'll trade his plane for the item. The seaplane can land on any depth of water, and fly like the Highwind. Very interesting...

Personal Opinion:Someone try this, it's actually believable! - Reno

Personal Opinion:Okay I tried this one at least 500 times (no eggagerating) and the guy never said it... Rude

Status: False (PROVED)

3. Space travel
It's been rumored you can fly in space (besides when retrieving the Huge Materia from the Shinra rocket). Go to Midgar on disk 3, infiltrate the Shinra HQ again, and you'll find a new level in the elevator. This elevator will take you to a secret location where a test Shinra rocket is located. Board it, and fly in space. This sounds fake since there's no known way of re-entering the Shinra HQ on disk 3.

Personal Opinion:This rumor is bull. - Reno

Personal Opinion: Don't even waste your time trying to climb wall market again... you can't re-enter and if your thinking the subway thats on disc two... Rude

Status: False (PROVED)

4. Flying Buffalo
This one is intresting... I overheard my brothers friend saying that just befor you go to fight Sephiroth if you leave north cave and go to cosmo canyon you talk to what looks like a 'cowboy' and he says he will trade a highwind for a flying buffalo.

Personal Opinion:And this is good for?... Rude


5. Sports Car/ Shinra Jeep
Get the sweeper and get Shera to help fix the sports car. Apparantly, their are hints in the game this can be done. One is where the old man in rocket town tells you it would be fun to fix the sports car.

Status: False (PROVED)

6.Red Shinra Sub
Lose the very first Sub battle you have,and then go to Junon to where that Dog was.He will move,and you will be able to get the red sub.You will not be able to get Bahamut Zero.

Personal Opinion: Ok, it works, but is it actually any better?

Status: True