1. Ancient Wrath
This rumour centers on the fact Aeris must be revived. Once Aeris comes back, visit her house in Midgar and you'll find Elmyra waiting inside. She'll approach Aeris and give her the Ancient Wrath, Aeris' Ultimate Weapon. Supposingly this weapon was found with Ifalna when Elmyra rescued Aeris. Aeris's REAL ultimate weapon, the Princess Guard, is found in the Temple of the Ancients.

Personal Opinion:Since this is my personal opinion, I don't believe that Aeris can be revived, therefor this rumor is false. - Reno

Personal Opinion: So far the our sources to revive her are false so this is... Rude

Status: False (PROVEN)

2. Excalibur
Fill all the materia slots of Cloud's Ultimate Weapon with mastered Knights of the Round materia, and it will transform into the fabled sword 'Excalibur'. This one has been proven wrong.

Personal Opinion:I, for one, thought that this rumor could be true, but it remained a rumor for a while until someone finally proved it wrong. It would be nice, but if you arm Cloud correctly, you don't need some sissy Excalibur. - Reno

Personal Opinion: It will be forever til I prove this one wrong but someone has so I leave it False but it doesn't get my stamp... Rude

Status: False

3. Jenova Claw
  Have Tifa in your party when you fight the monster, Jenova*DEATH. Have all of your party members besides Tifa killed, and win the battle. Victory shall reveal Tifa's secret weapon, Jenova Claw. Why would Tifa have a weapon taken from the thing they are trying to kill? If it's claw is with her then it isn't dead is it? This one sounds fake.

Personal Opinion:This is a very dumb rumor, and whoever made it up was also equally insane, because it is so easy to disprove. - Reno

Personal Opinion: Honestly this one sounds believabl to me but I need to try it... Rude

Status: False

Personal Opinion: Elena's Thoughts - This person was high when they thought of this one.

4. Jupiter Blade
With the Shinra submarine, explore the underwater area and you'll find a secret, sunken pirate frigate. Board it, and you'll find a secret weapon, Cloud's Jupiter Blade. There aren't any 'secret sunken pirate frigates' on the ocean floor though. You can find the Gelnika and the red Shinra sub you sank, but no pirate ship.

Personal Opinion:Whoever made this one up was a few fries short of a happy meal as well. It's painfully obvious that there aren't any new ships to be found on the ocean floor. - Reno

Personal Opinion: False False False False False False False False... Rude

Status: False (PROVEN)

5. Masamune(said to do 9999 damage if thrown, False) (PROVEN)
Win over 10,000 points at the roller coaster ride in the Gold Saucer and instead of just winning a replica, you'll win the proper Masamune Blade - Sephiroth's weapon. Is it actually possible to get 10,000 points in Speed Square? Gamesharks have also proven this one wrong.

Personal Opinion:I have tried this rumor numorous times with no such luck. It is impossible to get that many points on that game. - Reno

Personal Opinion: Unless the Zephryn Engine is that many points this is impossible so it doesn't get my stamp til I blow the engine... Rude

Status: False

B. There's supposedly another way. Get 5(or 3) pieces of Mythril from the sleeping man in the cave, give it to the weapon seller, and he will give you a secret weapon for Cloud, the Masamune. I think the mythril man only has one peice of mythril though.

Personal Opinion:This one I have never tried before. Maybe it works, who knows? Someone try it out and let me know. - Reno

Personal Opinion: I got 2 pieces only until use my gameshark this doesn't get the stamp... Rude

Status: Unproven

C.)Supposedly if you get "all" of the 1/35 Soldiers you can take them to the Special Battle at the Battle Square in the Gold Saucer, and you can get the sword.

Status: False

6. Cloud's Level 5 Limit
  A.) Supposedly, everyone must be at level 99. Ensure Cloud has all master summon in his Ultimate Weapon and all master masic in his equipped Wizard Bracelet. Cloud must have his Level 4 Limit equipped, and have killed 129 monsters with Omnislash. By doing the above, when you fight Sephiroth, instead of using Omnislash, Cloud will use the Level 5 limit called Hyper Cut. Sounds fake to me. Where would the Level 5 limit go? I have beaten quite a bit of monsters with Omnislash but still no Hyper Cut.

Personal Opinion:There will always be rumors about extra Limits, but "Hyper Cut"? Come on! - Reno

Personal Opinion: If you would have said Cherry Blossom I would believe you(if you dont know thats cloud's best move in FFT) well I need to try this to but why the odd number of 129? Does it have to be exactly 129? Well i'll have to restart to try to get it exactly cux I don't count em oh well... Rude

Status: Unproven

B.) Beat Vincents ghost in the Waterfall... go to Monsters to see how.

Personal Opinion: Stupid Rumor but who knows... Rude

Status: Unproven

7. Zack's Limits
Someone said that they had found Zack's limits. This is wierd because if Zack was strong enough to have Omnislash has his B1/1 limit, then why couldn't he have killed Sephiroth himself in the Nibleheim reactor? I think these are false.
  1. Omnislash / Spiral Crush
  2. Super Cut / Mega Speed
  3. Gouging Twist / Flying Combo
  4. Super Omnislash

Personal Opinion:Not sure about this one. It'd be really cool if it worked though... - Reno

Status: ???

8.Happy Hunting
If you want to find a cool gun for cloud then go to the chocobo tracks and do this. Change your party to cloud, cait sith, barret (in that order) and equip them with thir original weapons and walk around. Then you will fight this weird tree creature. Try to steal from it 3 times and maybe you will get the hunter gun. Then go to wutai and talk to everyone. go back to cosmo canyon and then come out again. Then do 7 fights and use the hunter gun in the last one. Something cool will happen. If you don't get the gun then goto the gold saucer and do battle arena and get 800,000 bp and then you can buy the gun.

Personal Opinion:This sounds like a neat rumor, but I have my doubts. Someone try it. - Reno

Personal Opinion: My freind who is A BIG RELIABLE SOURCE said he saw it but thought it was a glitch or something from the debug room well he said it dont shoot in fact it looks like Vincents gun which Cloud uses to attack like a Sword the name he says is Glitched no words so I dunno about this one I didn't find the tree creature on any chocobo tracks... Rude


9.Secret weapon for Vincent
It is said that you can get a secret weapon for vincent called a 'Masamune' I know its possable I have gotten it with game shark but I have no idea where to get it without Gameshark.If you have any information regarding this E-mail me or Rude

Personal Opinion:i wonder what it does...Rufus

Personal Opinion: If you check my personal opinion above then this sounds real... Rude


10.Secret weapon for Cid
Okay, on the ride "Speed" at the Golden Saucer, you are supposed to supposedly get 6,000 points, which seems impossible to me, and then your prize will be a weapon that Cid can use. This weapon is by far the best in the game, much better than the Venus Gospel, or even the Ultima Weapon for Cloud. This is a weapon you will want to have

Personal Opinion: Too bad this is false cause yes I did do it... Rude

Personal Opinion: Actually, this rumor IS true, I have gotten this weapon before. It has 100 attack and attack%. - Reno

Status: True

11.Gold Murasame
Get every possible point combination from 3000 to 5000 in Speed Square and the item is yours. The weapon is said to be worth over 10,000,000 gil.

Personal Opinion: This is insane... nuf said... Rude

Status: Unproven

11.Gaia Armor
It is rumored that there is a very powerful armor, Gaia Armor. To get it, have nothing but a wizard bracelet equipped on everyone when you fight the last jenova. After you win, you will go up instead of down, and fight another similar monster who has 1 million HP. Win, and you will get this armor.


12. Cloud's "Real" Final Weapon
If you go to north cave where you fight the magic pot's and attack them they will steal an item. If you keep attacking them until they steal ultima weapon (you must have it unequipped) and morph the one that stole it and kill the other one you will get a special wepon that is stronger than ultima weapon and has triple materia growth.

Personal Opinion: Not sure about this one, could be true, but I am usually busy using ultima weapon to kill them so they never had a chance to steal it.