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10-3-00... Ok IM BAAAAAACK!!! Here is all the reasons I wasnt updating and I'm Real sorry! Gamemaster e-mail me i have a job opening!!! Ok now I have school, my b-day was yesterday, and i was in the middle of chrono cross and Legend of Mana but i am back... where is all the rest of us though? I know Reno is still here... Elena? Vincent? Rufus? where r you? well time to update i did add an Aeris rumor so far now i will complete my personal opinions... I PROMISE THIS TIME! AND EVERYONE ESPECIALLY GAMEMASTER AND DBZGOKU WE HAVE JOB OPENINGS... I AM TAKING OVER THE SITE TIL SOMEONE RETURNS ESPEICALLY RENO!!! SO FOR NOW I HAVE JOB OPENINGS FOR PEOPLE SO HELP ME OUT ALL!!!... Rude

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