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The Turk Alliance: Over 100 Rumors!


11-5-00: Just want to introduce myself to everyone, as I will be taking the job of Darius, my e-mail isn't on the staff page yet but you can get hold of me at Also I have a chat room up and running on IRC, go to #blackmateria on any Undernet server! - Darius

11-19-00: (((Cheesy mobster music plays))) I told you I would come back didn't I and YOU didn't believe me! YOU DIDN'T BELIEVE ME!!! Anyway ya I have come back after a month or two. Yep thats right I actually made an update...kinda. Head over to the FF IX news area to check what I mean. And to keep this sort of thing (me not updating for another couple of months) from happening again Reno keep reminding me to update! This is Jery Springer Signing off! What the!?!?! - Elena

12-6-00: Hey all, I'm working on expanding the site to have rumors for all FF games, so stay with me. In the meantime I will continue to improve upon the site, post on the board, and add some more rumors. - Reno

1-28-01: Hey, I'm back again for another update. Nothing big this time, just fixed a few of the screwed up pics and rumors. Send me your suggestions for the site if you have any, cuz I could really use some, thanks. - Reno

2-3-01: I've marked a rumor True under weapons section and updated the FF9 news. - Reno

2-28-01: Since it has become apparent that my staff is slacking, I've taken the liberty of adding some interesting stuff. If you haven't done so already, check out the FF7 Poll of the Week I put at the bottom of the page every has a new question and new answers each week! I'll be adding some more stuff soon, so enjoy - Reno

2-15-01:Just thought I'd let everyone know that I am alive and should be uploading some new rumors within the next few days. - Darius

2-21-01:Slacking time over! I uploaded two new rumors today (1 under weapons and 1 under monsters) and I'm searching for more at the moment. - Darius


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