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  • 8-11-00:Hi ya hi ya hi ya! A small link update today some quality sites put in so if you are bored or interested in raw webviewing go check em out later later later! - Elena

  • 8-8-00:Ok, finally I got a serious fan-fic. Go check it, won't you?

  • 8-4-00:Hey I'm gonna be moving so I'll be back on Friday.I'l post more oppinions,and rumors when I get back..see ya soon!-Rufus

  • 8-2-00:Yo dogs and cats ,me and my Homies which include Me Myself and I updated the Links section today so go check it out yo Im out peace. - Elena
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    8-06-00:I have returned! Yes thats right after 4 mind numbing days in front of a playstation I have returned and have been enlightened! MY PLAYSTATION SUCKS! I restarted a Final Fantasy 7 game and I fought Rufus and the two machines on the elevator or whatever and I didn't save. You know the scene with Cloud on the motor cycle and everything well I froze and had to do that all over again! Then I had a new Final Fantasy 8 game going and I had just helped out Rinoa with her train escapade and got the fake president didn't load a GF and died rather easily again without saving after the Train! Now I know the second one was my fault but I blaim it on the playstation for not reminding me to save. Anyway that was a large speech without anything being done. I will bring some major stuff soon so keep a look out! - Elena