Serious Fan-Fiction

Well, it seems you want a dose of serious fan-fiction. You have come to the right place. Now all you have to do is point and click. Or is it follow the yellow brick road.....I always get these two confused. Remember, send me your fan-fics here.

Note: The following are all in downloadable format. This way pages aren't taken up with simple fan-fiction, just convert it to your computer. Thanks.

The Staff's Serious Fan Fiction

Final Fantasy VII script by II GoTtHeLiFe II - Really cool. I hope he finishes it, I need more serious pics!


The BIG What If - I call this the BIG what if. So far I have listed 10 what if statements and ten responses. Now I am relying on you to send me your what ifs and responses here. P.S....mine suck, so please hurry and send in more!!!