1. Super Nova
The best summon materia of them all. It's been rumoured the Super Nova materia is available in the game. Three methods I know of exist in obtaining Super Nova:

A. With a silver chocobo(refer to Chocobos), go underwater and visit the crater. Inside you will fight a monster called Alpha-Leviathan. Defeat it, and you'll win the Super Nova materia. This really isn't possible because you have to have a silver chocobo.

Personal Opinion:I have tried to get the Silver Chocobo, or at least find out how to fight this monster, it's impossible. - Reno

Personal Opinion: Again once I figure out how to get the White Chocobo I'll check it out... Rude

Status: Unproven

B. With a golden chocobo, explore north west of the map. There will be a very tiny island in the middle of the ocean that will only become visible at extremely short-range. Land on the island, and walk around. You will then eventually fight a dragon called Milkur. Defeat Milkur, and the Super Nova materia is yours. I have looked all over the map and still havn't found this one. I agree that there is quite a bit of unused ocean but look at the Pacific Ocean! Also, you can see Cactuar Island from the top of the map although it is on the bottom. This might explain the island. Square has done a good job with the globe part of the map.

Personal Opinion:I have tried this one too, a very dumb rumor. - Reno

Personal Opinion: I went in columns up and down and found nothing... Rude

Status: False(PROVEN)

C.You supposedly talk to all the people in Upper Junon, then go down to the beach where the sailor is standing way in the background. You also must have Tifa and Yuffie in your party. He will trade the materia for 1,000,000 gil and a kiss from each girl.

Personal Opinion:I've tried this one too, it didn't work. - Reno

Personal Opinion: It didn't work for me... Rude


D. This doesnt tell how to get the materia Super Nova but tells you how to get it as an Enemy Skill. First of all, fight your way down to the center of the planet and beat Jenova and Bizarro Sephiroth. You have to have Cloud, Cait Sith and Vincent in your party and in that order. Just wait untill Safer Sephiroth uses Super Nova and Vincent will learn it as an Enemt Skill.

Personal Opinion: Iv tried doing this with Cloud Yuffie and Vincent but that didnt work, ill have to try it again sometimes with Cait Sith.Vincent


2. Holy
This rumor is pretty interesting. On disk 3, explore the underground area of the Ancient City (which is usually blocked by Mr. Fish), and you will find a secret set of steps leading down. Equipped with the Underwater materia, go down to retrieve the Holy materia. Cast it to revive Aeris. (Wish it was as easy as that...)

Personal Opinion:How do you get past Mr. Fish?!?! - Reno

Personal Opinion: Can't happen there is no way passed the Fish I tried everything... Rude

Status: False(PROVEN)

B.Another supposed way to get Holy is at the end of the third disc before you go to the Northern Crater, align yourself with the cannon in Midgar and fly perfectly straight, and eventually you will pass over the Northern Crater and Aeris will float up out of it and give you a Holy materia.

Personal Opinion:I have tried this one, and I don't know if I didn't fly long enough or not, but I flew for 30 minutes, and still nothing. - Reno

Personal Opinion: Why is she in the crater anyway? She doesn't move remember she is dead... Rude


3. Black Materia
Why would you want to use the Black Materia and cast Meteor again? Anyway, it's been alleged you can use the Black Materia and slot it in a weapon. It'll boost all your stats to maximum, except Luck (which will plummet to 0). While in combat, you can cast the Meteor spell, which is said to be much stronger than Knights of the Round. I have heard of no methods of getting this.

Personal Opinion:A big waste of time. - Reno

Status: ???

4. Weapon Summon materia
There is someone that believes a Weapon Summon materia exists in the game. To get the Weapon Summon materia you need a mastered Morph materia, and a Luck plus materia. Fight any of the Weapons (excluding Diamond Weapon) using only Morph attack on them when they have less than half of their HP . Beat them with Morph and you should get an emerald gem, a ruby gem or a zircon gem. These are key items for getting a master summon materia at Cosmo Canyon. This materia is capable of casting Weapon summons. Their damage is more than triple of Knights of the Round and give several effects to the enemies, but you'll also receive damage. You will need a Final Attack materia linked with Phoenix to survive the summon. You can also use them to add the effects of the spells to your weapons or armor. If the Turqoise and Onix Weapon are avaliable in your game, you should be able to get a gem from them. The cheat only works with the master materia at Cosmo Canyon. This is fake since you do not get anything from morphing the WEAPONS.

Personal Opinion:This would be good, but there are no Secret Weapons. - Reno

Personal Opinion: I would be insane if I try to morph Ruby or Emerald so I morphed Ultimate and got nothing... Rude

Status: False(PROVEN)

5.Tritoch Materia
Supposedly you can get the Tritoch summon from a "Materia Sage", friend of the infamous Chocobo Sage. This requires a lot of other rumors though. First, you get Dio's Battle Diary and go see the chocobo sage, but you MUST have a Red Chocobo. Also, this will be after he supposed had remembered everything. You talk to him, and he takes the diary and suddenly remembers a Materia Sage that lives underwater in that crevice near Emerald Weopon. You go down there, and you enter a cave with 2 passages. If you take the one to the right, you lose all your saved games forever. If you take the left path, you meet the Materia Sage. (If you lie to him he'll kick you out and you can't come back) You fight the Sage, but he can only be hurt by the Masamune, yet another rumor. If you win, you have a long conversation with him and he asks if you'd like you exchange materia. If you agree he takes some of your materia and gives you the Tritoch Summon Materia.

Personal Opinion:I don't believe any of the rumors it centers around. - Reno

Personal Opinion: This is false FOR SURE! Like Squaresoft will make you lose your saved games forever. That really puts replay value in the game huh... Rude


6.9999HP Materia
In the underwater crator, use an underwater chocobo to get there.

Personal Opinion: I don't think this can work... Rude

Status: Unproven

7.Alpha-Leviathan Materia
Refer to the monster section and read Alpha-Leviathan. This summon is suppose to be a super-sized version of Leviathan.

Personal Opinion: Read Alpha-Leviathan under monsters... Rude

Status: Unproven

8.Araphath Summon
You can supposedly aquire Araphath as a summon in the Northen Cave. There is a secret cave somewhere that you find him in. He does a "Victory Sabre" attack that does 9999 damage AND does silence on any enemy AND destroys all barriers AND will cause your party to have brief invulnerability AND max out the entire party's stats for a short period. Supposedly, if you fight Safer Sephiroth for 30 minutes straight, Araphath will appear and declare Sephiroth weak and challenge Sephy himself.

Personal Opinion:This sounds awsome - Reno

Personal Opinion:Sounds fake to me... Rude


9.Bahamut Soul
You're supposed to first have all the Bahamuts at master level. Then, go to Bone Village and dig for normal treasure. Put a guy right in front of the entrance to the Sleeping Forest. The guy should point there. Dig there and you're suppossed to get Bahamut Soul materia. When you use it, you become Bahamut.

Personal Opinion:Someone disprove this, it sounds too fake - Reno


Beat Ticondo, thats it...

Status: Unproven