Humorous Fan-Fiction

You have chosen to visit the funny fan-fiction. I have no idea why, but I do know that microwaves and hamsters simply don't mix. Now on with the FuNNy fan-fiction. Remember, send me yours here.

Note: The following are all downloads. That means you gotta download them. Now go Superman. Fly free!

My Funny Fiction

The ORIGINAL FFVII Script - A comedy, not finished yet. I wrote this because I'm tired of everyone wanting to change things in FFVII. I think it's perfect, and this is just to show you why things must be left alone. If it doesn't scare you, I don't know what will. And oh yeah, the introduction is NOT true. It is a big fat stinkin' lie, and you should know that. So what are you doing? READ!

The ORIGINAL FFVII Script: Part 2 - This is the sequel to the fan-fic above. As you may notice, the story does follow the game's real an extent. Then it goes off-the-wall and lands into some old ladies soup. So hurry up and read now, if not, it just might land in YOUR soup. *GASP*

The Staff's Funny Fiction

FF7 Aftermath - This is written by Reno, the guy that pretty much runs this website. Anyway, download it and read it, you don't know what your missing...


The BIG What If - I call this the BIG what if. So far I have listed 10 what if statements and ten responses. Now I am relying on you to send me your what ifs and responses here. P.S....mine suck, so please hurry and send in more!!!