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8-29-03 - I realize that I haven't updated this site in a while. I no longer have time to manage the site. Hope you guys enjoy all the content etc. but there will be no updates until further notice. Also neither me or my former staff are reachable by the said emails. That having been said, enjoy the content and play on! - Reno

12-11-02 - For starters, anyone who wants to reach me should do so at my new email addy,, as I will only respond to mail that I get there. Now, on to the freaky stuff. There is no doubt that while restoring the site I received many emails. Among those emails were quite a few very odd and disturbing ones. But out of them all, this one just gives me chills! Read about this person's odd FF7-based dream and see what I mean. - Reno

12-10-02 - New rumor added AND proven true in the Misc. section! It's the last rumor on the page, a way to achieve not one, not two, but THREE Mystile in the North Cave! Check it out! - Tseng

12-9-02 - Greetings FF7 rumor fans! I am Rude, the new Assistant Manager here at the Turk Alliance. Send all questions, comments, or news to me so that I can send them to Reno to be reviewed. All rumors go to Tseng. Check the "Staff" page for email addresses. Thank you, and hopefully the site will flourish once more! - Rude

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